In Wadouba Township of Mali, deforestation and desertification are serious problems that affect residents' well-being, contributing to food insecurity and causing increasing needs for new water resources. Nineteen villages have come together and created an association, Olouguelemo, to protect the remaining trees in their area and promote the assisted regeneration of trees in the fields, practices which help both the environment and crop yields. The use of efficient cookstoves also helps lower the dependence on gathering such a large amount of firewood. In Mali, such formal organizations allow community members more respect in their communities, greater access to community decision making processes, and more support from the government, both financial and technical. Tandana strives to help these village-run associations to be as effective as possible in achieving their goals.

Many communities in Ecuador's Quichinche parish also recognize the importance of reforestation and other environmental conservation projects. Community councils, schools, and even public institutions such a weather station, take the lead in this effort, planting and caring for native trees as well as teaching about the environment. Tandana often supports these grassroots efforts to care for the local environment and show love for Pachamama, or Mother Earth.