In rural villages in Mali, income is essential for providing for food and other household needs, and yet employment opportunities are extremely scarce. Community members become entrepreneurs, creating their own businesses and creatively finding ways to earn money by filling the needs of those around them. Some community members and groups have come up with plans for beginning or expanding their enterprises and have requested assistance with training, tools, or a revolving fund to promote the income-generating possibilities of their work. In Kansongho, for example, women asked for training in the fabrication of soap and men asked to learn carpentry skills. Also in Kansongho, women came up with the idea of creating a cotton bank, so that they could manage a stock of cotton for all village women to transform as a way of earning income, and now women in several other communities have followed their example. In Yarou Plateau, women expressed the need for credit to expand their micro-businesses, so Tandana brought the Savings for Change program to their village, training women who have joined the savings groups to save and make use of loans from their own group's capital.